Meet The Team

"people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

the definition 

a summit of scientists, intellectuals and artists aiming to promote the prosperity of their discipline.

Our team is actually a large group of optimistic people.

We love our job to the fullest and we believe in team work and team spirit.

the reason 

we joined forces in order to offer creative options for same-sex weddings, share our experience and our passion for 3 of the most important axes of event management:

Full Planning Services, Entertainment & photography / cinematography.

the power

the strategic location of our offices (New York, London, Athens, Myconos, Spetses, Naxos) along with our extensive network of valuable collaborators allow us to carry out every project efficiently.

We also offer our clients total control as well as a centralized point of administration and communication.

the success story

proof of our reliability and the quality we embody and strive for is the consistent presence of our team, in highly demanding projects of particular significance.

Notable is our regular collaboration with eminent event spaces across Greece and Cyprus.

Distinctive was our presence in LGBTC projects of global radiance.

the philosophy

we invest exclusively in the word of mouth of our satisfied clients. Our clients advertise our company themselves, literally by word of mouth, hence our expansion and establishment.

We participate in the happy moments of couples, thus making many good friends through our work all these years and most of all WE ARE ALSO HAVING FUN!

Happiness is homemade.jpg



Founder, awarded wedding entertainment expert, Athens office GM. Last but not least, voted best european wedding Dj, Cannes Film festival resident. Nicola's favourite quote is "Voulez-vous danser avec moi"? 

Mike Kehayas 3.jpg

Mike Kehayias Jr

Founder, world class event planner, New York office GM. Luxury services expert, our team's "Godfather". His favourite quote: " If you think it, we can make it... "




Founder, the "think-tank" of our team. World traveler for life, passionate, inspired & classy. A gentleman who loves being motivated, functions with almost everything

stevie tas.jpg



Co-founder, project manager for the island of Kos, our tremendous graphic designer. Art is life for Stevie, she is passionate with her job, loves being creative and open minded. Favourite quote: "Bring it on"!




World class mezzo, soprano & opera singer, a versatile awarded performer. Also a famous wedding planner, based in Santorini. A precious partner for more than 10 years

john kwnstantinidhs.jpg

John Constantinidis

Proud & loud, our social media premium partner. Marketing, branding, event planning, a 5 star member we are proud of. Awarded globally for his creative projects, very open minded in anything that "looks cool"!




Awarded destination photographer, experts in LGBTC weddings. an intellectual lady who paints with light and dreams bigger. "I'm Photographer & I believe..Being creative is not a hobby..neither a profession..is a way of life.."


Matthew Petrokolos

Head Photographer, Gay Wedding specialist. A well experienced gentleman that "shoots" with creativity & a unique style. Preverted & sophisticated, Matthew is a partner we trust for ages.

karatza athina.jpg



Wedding planner with a great reputation, based in Rhodes, operating for more than 20 years with destination weddings. Owner of a luxury villa that hosts a large number of weddings annually.




Cinematographer, Art director, an icon in Greece. More than 35 years of experience and miles of smiles in gay weddings all around the globe. His quote is "you CAN teach an old dog new tricks"!




"The man who can transform an event into the talk of the city of Mykonos". A top class wedding & event entertainment expert, has performed as a DJ everywhere around Greece & Europe. A priceless partner!




An all time classic artist in Greece & in Italy. Obviously Francesco is Italian - Greek, a famous singer, actor, film producer, art director & a lot more! Functions with several issues with our team, mainly operates as a cinematographer & montage director. So proud!




More than creative, more than inspired, more than an artist, more than a priceless partner. Functions mainly with filmography, George is our video guy in almost every gay wedding up to now




An event entertainment expert, also one of the top destination wedding DJs all over Greece & Europe. Awarded several times, with an experience of 2000+ weddings, Marios will "rock"you from dusk till dawn!

Alex Goldie.jpg

Alex the 

golden retriever

Most people would love to be the ones that their dogs think they are.

Alex, our golden retriever angel, was found in the streets, deserted, several years ago. From then he is showing us the way. Our angel!




A multi talented genius wedding photographer, Greek -American, with a great experience of same-sex events.From Boston - Massachusetts he moved permanently to Athens several years ago & became a priceless member of our team. His quote: "Bring it on"!




Our coordinator in Cyprus, a legendary party planner with 30 years of experience! One of the best wedding DJs in Greece & Cyprus, Leo is always "one step beyond" with his creative ideas. Considered as the "Godfather" of same-sex weddings in our country, prouds for an eclect portfolio & is in love with his job!




Legendary wedding photographer with a portfolio of 3000+ (!) couples, Theo has been shooting premium weddings all over the globe. From South Korea to Buenos Aires, from Fidji islands to Cape town & of course everywhere in Greece. Miles of smiles & a great experience, loves LGBTC weddings. More than open minded!


Theodore ThroDef Forozis

Resident DJ at the legendary Siddhartha Lounge By Buddha Bar - Oman, a world class producer, entertainer, party starter. Above all, an amazing DJ with an experience of 2000+ wedding parties. Loves performing in LGBTC events

martha patsia.jpg



Our coordinator in Italy. A project manager with a tremendous portfolio, capable of combining effectively business & pleasure. World traveler, fashion lover, great experience in same-sex weddings

nikos dutch van3.jpg

Nikos Van Dutch

Our coordinator in Holland. Half Greek half Dutch, Nikos is an executive project & event manager with a great experience & a 5-star clientele all around Europe. He loves working with same-sex couples, in general terms Holland is one of the most open minded countries all around the world and a lot of gay weddings take place there every year. Apart from this, he functions with luxury services for more than 20 years, based in Amsterdam & Maastricht. One of the most valuable "key players" of our team, innovative & creative, Nikos is a priceless member of gayweddings.gr.

ntina mp2'.jpg

Ntina Bozionelou

Cinematographer, Art director, an icon in Greece. More than 35 years of experience and miles of smiles in gay weddings all around the globe. His quote is "you CAN teach an old dog new tricks"!